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Welcome to our Tutorials

One of the biggest obstacles to successful development and deployment of high-quality software products built on open-source software is the relative lack of high-quality documentation. The OpenEmcee software team strives to create plenty of high-quality, developer-friendly documents.

Most developers learn well from the "show-me-how" style of learning. Some wonderful sites (for example: have been created to bridge the gap between the genius of the people contributing to Open-Source projects, and the need for on-demand, free training of developers. In that spirit, we have committed to creating and maintaining best-of-breed tutorials to help our users succeed with our software. After all, who is better to give insight into software than its authors? Please enjoy!

Our Tutorials

An Intro Tutorial to OpenEmcee Microflows (Start Here!)

Learn the basics of using the OpenEmcee Microflow Engine.

An Intro to OpenEmcee Microflow Validators

For those who have read the intro tutorial, read this to learn about using our validation framework.

OpenEmcee Microflow Pseudo-Transactions

This tutorial explains how to create Microflows that are capable of "undoing" work when a failure occurs.

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