OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java

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OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java

For a quick start, check out our tutorials section.

In a Nutshell...

In the lifetime of any complex software application, its owners can expect to see several rewrites as well as functional duplication as system requirements evolve. This constant rewriting is typically a product of software systems that are not structured such that they can be easily adapted to the changing needs of the businesses which they support. The OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java aims to provide structure for applications in a way which promotes reuse and adaptability.

The Framework, in Summary

The "OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java" is an open source framework (Released under MPL 1.1) for developing flexible, manageable, and adaptable applications.  It aims to allow application developers to develop well-engineered business-logic intensive application domain software.  Drafting from the "Model" and "Controller" layers of the "Model-View-Controller" pattern, it allows developers to separate the business context of their application from their core business functions.

This separation of context from core implementation encourages development of software units which are easily reusable and require no or little modification to business critical code when implementing new functionality. Also, these units of work ("tasks") can be easily reused in future projects.

How is the OpenEmcee Microflow Engine Different from Other Frameworks?

OpenEmcee differs from other MVC type frameworks, such as Struts, in that it is deployment neutral. By that, we mean that the system is appropriate for using in a great breadth of application types. Desktop apps, server applications, EJB's, CORBA services, near-time batch processing systems, messaging systems (JMS), and many other types of applications can be benefit from the structure our framework provides. Please let us know what you're doing with our software!

How can I learn more?

Take a look at our tutorials. Currently, they are the most complete, and up-to-date source reference for our system.

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